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Migrating from the ST SmartApp to Konnected Cloud

    Konnected for SmartThings was initially installed via the SmartThings Groovy IDE using our open-source SmartApps and Device Handlers. SmartThings is retiring the SmartThings Classic app and Groovy IDE soon (read more), so this integration method will soon be obsolete.

    Konnected has developed the Konnected Cloud, our next-generation cloud platform with direct "one-click" integration with SmartThings. We recommend that all SmartThings users migrate their Konnected devices to Konnected Cloud.

    Migrate from the SmartThings (Groovy) integration to Konnected Cloud

    This will delete and re-create every sensor or device in SmartThings Konnected provides that. If you have a lot of scenes/routines, automations, WebCoRE rules, dashboard tiles, etc., tied to your Konnected sensors, these will ultimately have to be recreated.
    1. Remove the boards from the Konnected SmartApp (Under Automations in the SmartThings Mobile app). You should record or screenshot the zone setup on each board for use in step #3. After all the boards are removed, you can also delete the Konnected SmartApps and Device handlers completely from the IDE, but it is not required.
    2.  Update your firmware using our tools at install.konnected.io. It is best if you erase the boards when doing the flash. 
    3. Download the Konnected mobile app to discover and re-configure your Konnected device(s). (Make sure you follow all three steps to configure the new zones - Discovery, Provisioning, and Zone Setup.)
    4. Connect the Cloud to your SmartThing account in the new SmartThings app.
    5. Set up SmartThings Home Monitor in the new SmartThings app using the new devices.
    6. Set up any necessary automation or scenes in the new SmartThings app using the new devices