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Register Your Device(s) in Konnected Cloud

After discovering your Konnected device with the Konnected Mobile App, it's time to register your new device(s) in Konnected Cloud.

In this step, you will use the Konnected Mobile App to register your new device(s) in Konnected Cloud.

  1. Using the Konnected mobile app, tap on the device that you wish to register, then tap on Register This Device in the Konnected Cloud section.
    Untitled (17)
  2. If you haven't already, you will be prompted to sign up for a free Konnected Cloud account:
    • Sign up with a valid email address and create a password (passwords are case sensitive)
    • You will be sent an email with a code. Enter the code to confirm your email address before continuing.
    • Once confirmed, sign in using the email address and password just created.
  3. When prompted, chose the server region closest to you. Note: this must match the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region that your SmartThings account is provisioned in.

    North America U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America
    Europe U.K., Europe, Africa
    Asia Pacific Asia, Australia, New Zealand
  4. After completing signup, return to the device screen to continue registering the device in Konnected Cloud.

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