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Set Up Zones in Konnected Cloud

Now that you've provisioned your device(s) in Konnected Cloud, let's get your zones set up.

In this step, you'll use the Konnected Mobile App to set up each zone on the Konnected device. If you haven't wired all of your zones yet, don't worry. You can always come back later to add or adjust the zone settings. You will specify a name and zone type for each input and output. Generally, this step only needs to be done once, and you can always come back and add or adjust zones later.

To complete this step, your mobile phone must be connected to the same network as the Konnected device(s).

  • Tap the plus icon to add the first zone. Then select a zone number and type for each zone, and give it a name. The name specified here will show up in the Devices list in SmartThings.
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Konnected Cloud zone types


Use for door contacts or a generic open/closed indicator.


Use for window contacts. Appears the same as Door in SmartThings. It may be differentiated later.


Motion sensor, glass-break detector.


Use for a siren or strobe. It appears in SmartThings as a Siren/Alarm with separate buttons for siren and strobe, but it turns on/off in this case.


Smoke detectors, heat detectors.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide or gas detectors.


Leak sensors, rain sensors, wet/dry sensors.


Appears as an On/Off switch in SmartThings. Use with a relay, light, or any on/off the device.  

Momentary Switch

Use with a relay module for a momentary contact closure such as a garage door opener or keyswitch.

Use with a piezo buzzer to make a "beep beep" or warning sound.

Use with a LED or other light to create a blinking light.

It shows up in SmartThings as an On/Off switch that automatically turns off after the configured amount of time.

Temperature & Humidity (DHT)

For DHT temperature and humidity sensors, such as DHT22.

Temperature Probe (DS18B20)

Temperature sensors like the DS18B20-based temperature probe.

Zone Type options


Select this option to invert the open/closed state. This is commonly needed on Normally Open smoke detectors.

Duration (ms)

For Momentary Switch, specify the duration of the momentary pulse in milliseconds. For example, for a 1.5-second momentary contact, set this value to 1500.

Pause (ms)

For Momentary Switch with repeat, specify the pause between pulses in milliseconds. For example, a 0.5 second pause would be entered as 500.


For Momentary Switch with repeat, specify the number of times to repeat. For example, to make three pulses, set this value to 3.

For an infinite repeat, set to -1. This can be used for a warning or continuously flashing light. Repeats indefinitely until turned off.


For Switch and Momentary Switch, set the activation level. The default is HIGH. Set this to LOW if using a low-level trigger relay.

Note: the ALARM/OUT zone can only be HIGH

Temperature Unit

Set to °F or °C for temperature sensors

Poll Interval

For polling sensor types (temperature sensors at this time), set the polling interval in minutes.


  • After you are finished, tap Sync to Device, and the new configuration will be saved to the Konnected device. The Konnected device will now reboot.

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After tapping save, the Konnected device will reboot and may be unreachable for a minute. This is normal as the device initializes and syncs the sensor states. Wait 20 to 30 seconds and try again.