Legacy: Using Konnected to Make a Garage Door Opener
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Wiring the Garage Door Opener

Wiring The Hardware

  1. Wire Relay to board
    power - connect the +5V on the board to VCC on Relay (female-to-female jumper)
    ground - connect GND (next to 5V) on the board to the on the Relay (female-to-female)
    control - connect Pin# to IN on relay (repeat if using multiple relays)
  2. Wire Warning Buzzer (optional but recommended)
    You can use any zone for the buzzer except Pin RX. Make sure your polarity is correct
  3. Wire Warning Light (optional)
  • For the 5V Light - Recommended Light
    • 5V out of board goes to middle screw connector on the relay
      NO side of the Relay wire to the positive of the light
      From the Ground (Black wire) on the light to any G on the add-on board
  • For a 12V Light - Recommended Light
    • AUX+ goes to the COM (center of the relay)
      NO side of the relay goes to the Positive on the light
      G(black wire) from the light goes to the AUX-

Restart  & Test

  • Push the openers in ST
    There will be a red light indicating they are on. When they are activated you will see another red light and hear a brief 'click'
  • Push the buzzer 
  • Turn on the light