Legacy: Using Konnected to Make a Garage Door Opener
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  3. Legacy: Using Konnected to Make a Garage Door Opener

Connecting to the Garage Door

  1. Find the switched outputs for the garage door opener. On most older openers they are labelled 1 & 2. If you want to test if they are the correct wires - attach a wire each contact. Briefly touch the wires together. This should start the garage door movement. If you already have a hardwired switch they will be the ones connected to it.
  2. Unplug the garage door (It moving while you are on a ladder installing doesn't go well. Trust me!)
  3. Connect a wire to each of the terminals on the garage door that you identified on Step 1.
  4. Connect the other end of the wires to the contacts on relay. One goes in the COM (Center) and the other in the NO (indicated by broken lines)
  5. Connect the open/close sensors to a zone # and G
  6. Secure the opener to the ceiling or other wall.
  7. IMPORTANT: Make sure all your wires are secured and out of the way of the garage door drive
  8. Plug your garage door back / Plug in your Konnected board
  9. Test using SmartThings
    1. If you have set everything up correctly you should be able to see the status of the garage door (open/close)
    2. If you push the opener it should activate the garage door motor
    3. If you push the light or buzzer they should both work