Legacy: Using Konnected to Make a Garage Door Opener
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  3. Legacy: Using Konnected to Make a Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Software

Now that you have put together the hardware making it safe and easy to operate is the next step. The Virtual Garage Door SmartApp below combines the opener, sensors, buzzer, and light (if you have them) and makes them work together as one device including a safety delay and warning (via the buzzer and/or light) when it opens or closes. And it makes it simple to see and use in programs like ActionTiles.

Set Up the SmartApp

  1. Install the Virtual Garage Door SmartApp by downloading and copying the code in the IDE under the SmartApps. Save and Publish it. (Need Help Installing a SmartApp?)
  2. Create a Virtual Garage Door
    • Create New Device in the IDE
    • Give it a name
    • Use the 'Simulated Garage Door' as the Device Handler (DH)
    • Give it an identification number - it can be any hexadecimal
  3. Setup the Smartapp through your phone: Go to Automatons - Add a SmartApp - My Apps - Virtual Garage Door 
  4. Identify Each device/thing in your set up & save it
  5. Check your buzzer: Set the buzzer to sound at least 20 times. To get to the settings go to Options (gear in the top right) to set the number of times you want it sound.
  6. Sync up the door. You might need to open and close the garage door with the physical opener. This is to force the SmartApp to sync up the status of the door
  7. Test
    • You should be able to see the status of the garage door
    • You should be able to close/open the door with a tap on the virtual device
    • It will warn you before it moves (if you have those devices)
    • If it doesn't close or open for some reason the status will change in SmartThings to reflect the status of the door
    • If you want to control it on ActionTiles - add the Virtual Door as a device. The icon will change with the doors status & a pop up menu will give you the ability to move the door
    • You can also add the virtual door to routines like arrival and departure.