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SmartThings: Install the Konnected SmartApps with GitHub

This Article is Outdated!

New users should NOT follow these instructions! As of October 2020, this integration method is no longer supported. SmartThings users, follow this guide instead to connect SmartThings via Konnected Cloud.

SmartApps are installed on the SmartThings platform and allow devices like Konnected to communicate with your SmartThings instance. Konnected requires two SmartApps: the Konnected (Connect) app and its child app, Konnected Service Manager.

Video Demo: Watch a video demonstrating this process

If you cannot use the SmartThings GitHub integration, see Installing the Konnected SmartApps Manually

    1. Go to My SmartApps in the SmartThings IDE.

      Make sure that the URL in your address bar is on regional SmartThings server, for example: graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com, where the first part varies. If it's not, go to My Locations and click on your location to be redirected to your regional server.

    2. Click Update From Repo and choose the konnected-security repository.

    3. Select both the konnected-connect.groovy and konnected-service-manager.groovy files in the New column in the interface that pops up.
    4. Click Execute
    5. Now we will publish the Konnected (Connect) app. Click on the konnected-io : Konnected (Connect) app that was just added to My SmartApps
    6. Click Publish and then select For Me

    7. Next, click the Edit icon next to the Konnected Service Manager SmartApp
    8. Scroll down to the OAuth section in the SmartApp settings and click the button Enable OAuth in SmartApp.

    9. You don't need to enter anything into the fields that show up. Just make sure to click the blue Update button.