Legacy: SmartThings Installation and Setup (Smartapp)
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SmartThings: Setting Up Sensors and Devices

This Article is Outdated!

New users should NOT follow these instructions! As of October 2020, this integration method is no longer supported. SmartThings users, follow this guide instead to connect SmartThings via Konnected Cloud.

Assign each of the sensors or zones in your home to Zones on the Konnected device using the app. You can come back to this screen at any time, so don't worry about getting everything set up front. 

  1. Select the device you are setting up. For most this will be the Konnected Alarm Panel. (the selection will NOT highlight)   
  2. Tap Save and it will take you back to the Konnected Devices
  3. Select the new device and Tap Next 
  4. At this point you can rename the device (which is helpful if you have more then one board)
  5. Tap Zone 1 and select the type of device that you will connect to that pin.      
  6.  Tap Done to return to the Zone assignment screen. A field for Zone 1 Name will appear. Tap it to name the device that will be connected to Zone 1.      
  7.  Repeat for the rest of the Zones. Any Zones that are unused may remain unset.  
  8.  When finished, tap Done. This will upload the configuration to the Konnected device, causing it to reboot.  
  9.  Now go to My Home in the SmartThings app. Your sensors and devices should be there!  
  10.  You can repeat this process any time to re-arrange or re-name devices.