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Manual Update Needed

    You may have received a message in the Konnected app that a manual update is needed to update your device to the latest version. While most updates can be performed automatically over WiFi, some major firmware updates require a physical re-flash of the device.

    We understand that it's inconvenient to physically flash the device, and we do our best to minimize the need for major version upgrades. However, they are sometimes necessary.

    Use Konnected's Web-based Flash Tool

    We've made it easy to flash your device with our web-based flash tool: https://install.konnected.io

    The flash tool is always up-to date and works on Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

    If possible, use a laptop computer so you can take it to the Konnected device where it is currently mounted. It is not necessary to un-wire the device to update the firmware, and it only takes a couple minutes.