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How do I "factory reset" the device to default settings?

Konnected Alarm Panel (v1 & v2) and NodeMCU (ESP8266)

Method 1: Quick Erase

Hold down the RESET button (or FLASH button on NodeMCU modules) for about 10 seconds until the blue light turns on solid. The device will wipe its configuration and reboot.

Note: This will not erase the stored Wi-Fi credentials

This may not work if the device is in a rapid reboot loop. If that's the case, try method two below.

Method 2: Re-flash

To erase the Konnected device's configuration and integration credentials, you can re-install the firmware and 

software on the device following this article:

Note: To also erase the stored Wi-Fi credentials, check the erase the first option in the Konnected flash tool.

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro (ESP32)

Method 1: Quick Erase

Remove the sensor wires from Zone 1 & 2. Connect a jumper or short wire between Zone 1 & 2. Then power on the device. The blue light will rapidly flash. Remove the jumper/wire and press the reboot button. This will erase all settings (including Wi-Fi credentials)

Method 2: Re-flash

re-install the firmware and software on the device following this article:

Alarm Panel Pro: Flashing Firmware