Legacy: DIY to Production

DiY to Production Board Switch

Were you one of our early adopters who setup Konnected on a DIY board? Are you receiving your production boards and looking to switch over? It’s easier then you think. You can skip a few steps and be back up and running in a few minutes.

Here’s how

  • Note how your devices are setup. Write down which pins each device is currently on.
  • Unplug your DIY board

Are you using the newest version of the Konnected (Connect) Smartapp? If not this a good time to switch over. Check out instructions how.

  • Remove the Wifi Module from the DIY board
  • Insert the Wifi Module into the production Konnected board.
  • Wire your devices using the map below
    D1 = Zone 1
    D2 = Zone 2
    D5 = Zone 3
    D6 = Zone 4
    D7 = Zone 5
    D8 = Alarm/Out
    RX = Zone 6
  • Plug in your production board
  • If you wired according to the map all your devices should be up and running. Test you devices to ensure everything is functioning properly.