Alarm Panel Interface v2.0

    This article is for the older version 2.0 of the Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module. Click here for documentation on the latest version.

    Alarm Panel Interface Module v2.0 Wiring Illustration

    The above illustration depicts a basic 6-zone setup using the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE with one 6-Zone Konnected Alarm Panel (or Add-on) to monitor 6 zones in-parallel from a traditional wired security system.

    Interface Module v2.0 Wiring Illustration with Relay module

    In this illustration, Zone 6 on the traditional panel is programmed as a keyswitch. The circuit across Z6 and COM is closed with the appropriate resistor (if required) for the panel via the NC/COM contacts on the relay. When signaled by Konnected, the relay momentarily opens this connection, triggering the traditional panel to arm or disarm.