Konnected Device API

ESPHome Zone to GPIO Pin Mapping

    Internally, the Konnected application references pins instead of zone numbers. Zone numbers are labeled sequentially for user-friendliness, but the internal pin numbers map to the GPIO index of each I/O port on the ESP chip. 

    Konnected's ESPHome base packages set substitutions or variables that make it simpler for you to reference zones or outputs in your ESPHome configuration.

    Konnected Alarm Panel (ESP8266) Zone to Pin Mapping

    Used for the original NodeMCU based Konnected Alarm Panel, Konnected Alarm Panel v2 and other products using the ESP8266 based WiFi chip.

    Zone # ESPHome variable NodeMCU Pin # GPIO #
    1 $zone1 D1 GPIO5
    2 $zone2 D2 GPIO4
    3 $zone3 D5 GPIO14
    4 $zone4 D6 GPIO12
    5 $zone5 D7 GPIO13
    6 $zone6 RX or D9 GPIO3
    OUT or ALARM $out or $alarm D8 GPIO15

    Alarm Panel Pro (ESP32) Zone to GPIO Mapping

    The Alarm Panel Pro uses the ESP32­-WROOM­-32D chip from Espressif and the following zone to GPIO mapping.

    Zone # ESPHome variable GPIO #
    1 $zone1 GPIO4
    2 $zone2 GPIO2
    3 $zone3 GPIO15
    4 $zone4 GPIO13
    5 $zone5 GPIO18
    6 $zone6 GPIO14
    7 $zone7 GPIO33
    8 $zone8 GPIO32
    9 $zone9 GPIO36
    10 $zone10 GPIO39
    11 $zone11 GPIO34
    12 $zone12 GPIO35
    ALARM1 $alarm1 GPIO12
    OUT1 $out1 GPIO23
    ALARM2 or OUT2 $alarm2 or $out2 GPIO5