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Wiring Temp/Humidity or Temperature probe sensors

We sell two sensors that can be wired to an Add-on or DIY board to supply temperature data to your hub. Below is information on wiring them.

Temperature & Humidity (AM2302 - DHT22)

  • VCC to 5V
  • GND to G pin
  • DAT to a zone
  • Set the zone to Temperature/humidity sensor

Alarm Panel v2

larm Panel Pro

Temperature Probe (DS18B20)

  • Red to 5V
  • Black to G pin
  • Blue (or other color) to Zone. You need to wire the 4K resistor included with the probe between the 5v+ and the zone.
  • Set the zone to Temperature Probe. When you save it will show up with a unique identifier. You can go into the settings of that sensors and rename it.
  • You can have multiple temperature probes in the same zone.