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Wiring Glass Break Sensors

    Most wired glass-break detectors, regardless of type, will work with Konnected. Most common glass-break sensorswork exactly like motion detectors, and can be wired in the same way. They require 2 wires (black/red) for power and 2wires for a normally closed (NC) signal loop.

    Wire glass-break detectors just like any other sensor: Connect one member of the signal pair to an input pin on the Konnected board, and the other to GND. Leave the black/red power pair (if any) connected to the AUX terminals of your alarm panel, or the 12V U1 / GND pins if not using an alarm panel for power.

    Setting up Glass-break sensors in SmartThings

    SmartThings Smart Home Monitor does not support a device type for glass-break sensors specifically. However, since they work the same as any other sensor, you can set them up as Motion Sensors or Open/Close Sensors instead, and they will work with Smart Home Monitor. You can always change the icon of the device after you create it by tapping on the gearicon on the device detail screen in the SmartThings app.

    Acoustic type glass-break sensors

    Acoustic glass-break sensors are good for protecting a whole room full of windows. They’re usually mounted on the wallor ceiling of the room. They work by responding to the sound of broken glass.

    Interlogix Acoustic Glassbreak Detector, Round (5812-RND)

    Honeywell Intellisense FG-1625 Acoustic Glassbreak Sensor 25 Ft.

    Testing these sensors is not as straightforward as other types of sensors, because they are only supposed to trigger bythe sound of an impact followed by broken glass. Professional alarm installers use a portable electronic glass-breaksimulator, but these are expensive and impractical for the do-it-yourselfer. Instead, you can use a keychain of metal keys, or aglass jar full of coins. To trigger the sensor, simultaneously create a thud sound by pounding the wall/ceiling whilejingling the keys/coins as close as possible to the sensor. This YouTube video has a good demonstration.

    Shock type glass-break sensors

    Shock type sensors stick on to a pane of glass, and they alarm if the glass is broken or disturbed.

    Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector, White (5150W)

    Foil tape

    Foil tape can adhere on to any glass surface to create a conductive loop. The tape easily breaks if the glass is broken,interrupting the signal loop and triggering an alarm.

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