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Wiring a Siren: UK version

Most sirens in the US are just two wires from an internal siren. Most do not have a battery. So the wiring is a simple two wires from the siren (as long as it is within the 1.4A/15W spec) to the Alarm+/-. 

However we have found that International sirens sometimes have 4-6 wires. These wires are used to control the siren, strobe, battery, and tamper. For these sirens to work you need a combination of constant 12V power from the AUX and switched power from the Alarm -. Below are a few labels we have seen and the wiring combinations for them. If these do not work or you need further help please contact customer support and we can continue to troubleshoot

Type #1

A  to ALARM +/AUX + (middle terminal)

B  to ALARM - (right terminal)

C  to Unused (might need to go to Aux -)

D  to AUX - (left terminal)

S  to ALARM - (right terminal)

Type #2

SOUNDER+ and STROBE+ to ALARM/AUX+ (the middle terminal)

SOUNDER- and STROBE- to ALARM- (right terminal)

The tamper circuit is probably not needed, but if it gives you an error chime, you can connect them both to AUX- (left terminal).

Type #3

ST - & S - to ALARM - (right black terminal)

+ Sounder to ALARM/AUX + (middle terminal)

- S & -R to AUX - (left terminal)