Detailed Step-by-Step Guides

Wiring a Relay

    Currently only the add-on or Pro board supports an external 5V Relay. (You DO NOT need a relay to connect an alarm using the main board.)

    Here is the way to connect the wires:

    • 5V pin goes to VCC or DC+ on the relay
    • GND pin goes to GND or DC- on the relay
    • OUT pin (or any zone 1 - 5) goes to IN on the relay

    Alarm Panel v2

    Alarm Panel Pro

    Note: Most of the relays that we sell at Konnected are 'low-trigger' relays. Make sure you change that setting in the 'thing' configuration. (The gear in the top right corner of the things properties in the SmartThings App). The RED one pictured above can be a HIGH or LOW level relay.

    Need to wire a 12V switch? (like a strobe, alarm or light, etc)

    • Easiest is to use the ALARM +/- on the Main Board. However this makes it unavailabe for a Siren. 
    • Other Alternative is use a DIY Board and Relay. Directions coming soon . . .