Shipping Information and Policies

Why am I being asked to pay import tax or duties?

Understanding Import Duties and Taxes: What You Need to Know When Purchasing from Konnected

We understand that you may have been surprised or upset by additional taxes or fees charged by your post office or courier when they delivered your Konnected product. Our prices exclude all taxes, and our products ship from the United States. As described in our Purchase Terms, any taxes levied by your government are the customer's responsibility.

In many countries, it is customary to include taxes in the retail purchase price, and we understand that this causes confusion since our prices do NOT include taxes. Konnected is based in the United States, and we do not have the ability to collect taxes for your country at the time of purchase. In this case, your government often collects taxes via the delivery courier.

Common taxes that are not included in the purchase price:
  • UK 20% VAT
  • Canada: 5% - 15% GST
  • EU Countries: 17% - 27% VAT
  • Australia: 10% GST
  • New Zealand: 15% GST

Many couriers and postal departments also charge an additional collection fee, brokerage fee, or convenience fee on top of government-mandated taxes.

We apologize for the potential unwelcome surprise and thank you for being a Konnected supporter!