What size kit do I need?

We are often asked to help identify the size of kit needed to convert a board to Konnected. We are glad to help you figure that out. But here are a few tips to find the number of zones you have and the size of kit you need.

  • Zones can be a single or multiple sensors. Often doors and motions are separated and windows are grouped together
  • Look at your zone list. A well documented zone list will tell you how many zones you have and what is in them.
  • Look at your schematic. Often they are found on the door of the panel. Look for Zone# or Z1 or terminal connected by a resistor line (squiggly line). Count those notations. That is the number of zones you have.
  • Consider if you want to split sensors that are grouped. For both security and automation it is helpful to separate doors and motions. But in most cases grouping windows is helpful.
  • Konnected board come in groups of 6. So if you have 8 zones you will need a 12 zone kit. If you 6 zones consider a 6 zone kit. However if you want the door buzzer that takes a zone on the Konnected board. So you may want to either group a sensor or get a 12 zone kit.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact Konnected Support. Send us pictures of your panel, schematic, and zone list. We are happy to take a look.