What Garage Doors Does Your Garage Door Opener Work With?

Compatibility and Workarounds for Garage Door Openers with Security+ 2.0 Technology

Our product is compatible with all older garage doors with a “dry contact” wired push-button mounted on the wall.  This is almost all garage doors made before ~2015 and all brands except Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman with a yellow learn button. The Yellow Learn button means it implements Security+ 2.0 technology, meaning the wall push-button is encrypted/proprietary.

To put it concisely, our GDO will be compatible with Garage Door openers with any color learn button except yellow out-of-the-box. This includes all Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman openers with purple, red, and green learn buttons and all other brands as long as there’s a wall push button (or a connection for a wall push button).

NOTE: Genie Series III openers with Models 3022, 3024, 3042, 4022, 4024, 4042, 3062, 3064, 4062, 4064 that have a serial number LOWER than the number 122494110518 are not a standard dry contact switch, and will require a dry contact adapter switch to work with our Garage Door Opener. 

Would you like to know more about the learn button? Here is a useful article. 

Are there any workarounds for the yellow-button Security+ 2.0 issue?

Yes, other companies have some products to work around the yellow-button Security+ 2.0 issue. Two examples are listed below;

  1. https://shop.ismartgate.com/smart-openers-accessories/67-universal-switch-adaptor.html
  2. https://www.garadget.com/product/security-2-0-dry-contact-adapter/