Garage Door Opener

Using the Garage Door Opener with SmartThings

Monitor, control and automate your garage door with SmartThings and Konnected

Konnected's Smart Garage Door Opener works seamlessly with Samsung's SmartThings, allowing you to use your garage door opener in any compatible SmartThings dashboards, routines, and automations.

A SmartThings hub is not needed with Konnected's products, including our Smart Garage Door Opener. The Garage Door Opener connects to your home WiFi and communicates with SmartThings via Konnected's free-to-use cloud service. Konnected is an official Works With SmartThings partner.

Setting up With SmartThings

Set up and calibrate the Konnected Garage Door Opener using the Konnected mobile app. Follow the steps in the app to provision and register the Garage Door Opener in Konnected Cloud. Once complete, switch over to the SmartThings app to link you Konnected Cloud account to your SmartThings account:

  1. On the main screen of the SmartThings app, tap the + icon in the top right, then tap Add device.
  2. Under the heading Select from list of devices select the By brand tab.
  3. Scroll down to Konnected and select it, then tap Add.
  4. Sign in to Konnected Cloud using the same email address and password as when you signed up in the Konnected app. Note: email addresses and passwords are case sensitive!

If you already have other Konnected devices linked to SmartThings, your account is already linked and you do not need to complete these steps again. Your new Garage Door Opener will appear in SmartThings automatically.

SmartThings Garage Door States

SmartThings tracks the following garage door states:

  • Open
  • Closed
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Unknown

Opening and closing states are approximated.

SmartThings Garage Door Commands

SmartThings enables the following commands for your garage door:

  • Open
  • Close

The Smart Garage Door Opener will only respond to commands that it can currently execute. For example, if the garage door is already detected as open, the open command will not execute.

SmartThings Garage Door controls in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The SmartThings app supports CarPlay and Android Auto in compatible vehicles. After setting up your Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener in the SmartThings app, it will be available to interact with in CarPlay and Android Auto.