Understanding LED Indicator Lights on Konnected Products

Konnected products feature intuitive LED indicator lights that provide immediate feedback on the status of your device. These lights can indicate normal operation or help diagnose issues during troubleshooting.

Normal Operation

Network Connection (Blue LED)

The blue LED on your Konnected device provides information about its network connectivity:

  • Blinking Slowly: The device is attempting to connect to WiFi. Once the connection is established, the blinking will stop.
  • Blinking at Power On: When you first Power on the device, the blue LED will blink a few times and then turn off, signaling a successful WiFi connection.

Siren/12V Circuit (Red LED)

The red LED is an indicator of the 12V circuit status:

  • Illuminated: When the red LED is on, it indicates that the 12V circuit is live, meaning the siren output is activated.

Tuning the Zone Inputs (Orange LED)

The orange LED helps you tune the zone inputs during the Interface Module setup:

  • Closed Zone: When a zone is closed (door/window is shut or no motion is detected), the corresponding orange LED should be on.
  • Adjusting: If the orange LED is off while the zone is closed, gently turn the dial above the zone number clockwise until the LED turns on.
  • Objective: The goal is to adjust the potentiometer until the orange LED is just past the threshold of on/off and remains on with the zone closed.
  • Testing: Have someone open the zone to make sure the orange LED turns off when the zone is open and back on when closed without flickering.

If your sensors lack resistors, the orange LED might not turn off when the zone is closed. In this case, you can just turn the dial counter-clockwise until it stops and check that the LED turns off when the zone is opened.

Use with Programmable Outputs

For programmable outputs:

  • Connect the output to a zone input on the Konnected Interface module.
  • Tune it as described above, ensuring the orange LED stays on when the output is low and turns off when high.

Garage Door Opener Visual Warning (White LED)

The white LED (4000K) blinking light serves as a visual warning for the garage door opener, indicating its operation.


Network Connection (Blue LED)

  • Irregular and Continuous Blue Light: This pattern indicates a potential issue. You should send a help log using the tools at install.konnected.io for support.
  • Blinking Blue (with ESPHome firmware): Indicates no WiFi or no connection to the Home Assistant server.
  • Blinking Green and Blue: A short pattern here suggests a wiring check is necessary.

Siren/12V Circuit (Red LED)

  • Solid Red Without Siren Activation: This could indicate a short or other issue. Check your wiring and consider a factory reset. If using a UK siren, wire according to the guide, as the LED may remain on.
  • Red LED Not Illuminated: If the siren zone is not configured, the red LED will not light up.