Hardware issues

Troubleshooting Motion Detectors

    Wiring motion detectors is similar to other powered sensors. They need 12Vdc which supplied through the AUX terminals on Konnected. And the sensor wires will go from the NC and C to the Zone and Ground. But in some cases there are may need to be some adjustments in the wiring at the motion. 

    Some motions have been wired through the Tamper terminals on the motion. In this case the wired need to be moved to the NC and C. You can use another set of wires if you want to maintain the tamper but you will need an additional zone at the Konnected board. 

    If you wire the motion and it shows Motion and doesn't stop. Open the motion's cover and check for a resistor. If there is one remove it.

    If the motion never lights up during motion, check the power wires are tightly wired to the AUX. 

    If you have other issues please contact us at Technical Support