Garage Door Opener

Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Remote wireless range issues

Improve the garage door opener wireless remote range when using Konnected's Smart Garage Door Opener

Some users of Konnected's Smart Garage Door Opener have reported poor range on their existing garage door opener wireless remotes when using the Konnected solution. These steps may help prevent interference:

  1. Ensure wire connections are secure. When connecting the Konnected Garage Door opener wires to your garage door opener wall button terminals with existing wires, ensure that all wires are making good contact and are tight. Sometimes if you have multiple wires of different gauge (thickness) in the same terminal, this can be tricky. Try twisting the wires together to ensure good contact before inserting them.
    Loose wires making poor contact cause signal integrity issues that can affect the electronics in the garage door opener.
  2. Noisy power supply: add ferrite cores. A leading cause of interference is a noisy power supply. Ferrite cores that clip on to the wires on the power supplies going from the wall outlet to the garage door opener and Konnected device may help. This is an easy and inexpensive fix. 

    Here's a great blog article about fixing garage door opener range for more information and examples.