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Time Sync Failed - Arris router/modems

    Affected Products: This issue affects the Konnected Alarm Panel / Alarm Panel Add-on running firmware 3.0.0 and above.

    Some customers have reported connectivity issues to Konnected's Cloud service when using ISP-provided Arris branded modems, including the Arris NVG468MQ provided by "Frontier" internet service.

    The Konnected device attempts to sync the current date and time from a network time server upon boot. By default, it will first check your router/gateway for the current date and time, and if that fails will check `time.google.com`, a public NTP time server.

    For some reason that we are unable to pinpoint, the Arris modem/routers interfere with this date/time sync, and cause the current date/time to remain unset. Without the current date/time, Konnected is unable to securely connect to our cloud platform hosted by AWS IoT.


    1. Get a new consumer grade router. The ISP-provided modem/router combos are notoriously bad. For better speed, reliability, features (like mesh networking), and security we recommend a good quality standalone consumer router. You can use your ISP-provided modem/router combo in "Bridge mode" to essentially turn off the routing function and just use it as modem for a standalone router without changing your internet service or subscription. This should workaround the problem the Konnected time sync and improve your overall internet experience.

    2. Downgrade to Konnected firmware 2.3.5. See how to downgrade Konnected firmware for command line instructions to flash the older version of Konnected's firmware, which seems to avoid the issue.

    3. Upgrade to the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. The Alarm Panel Pro does not experience the same issue as the 6-zone Konnected Alarm Panel.

    4. Use a local platform. Local platforms like Home Assistant, Hubitat, HomeBridge, and others don't require the same Konnected Cloud security protocol, and therefore do not strictly need the time sync to be successful.

    5. Request a Return for Refund. Unfortunately to date our engineers have been unable to pinpoint the exact problem to develop a fix. If the above workarounds are unacceptable to you, and you're within our Return for Refund Policy timeframe, you may return the product for a refund.