Alarm Panel Interface Module

The Alarm Panel INTERFACE Module

    Alarm Panel Interface Module v2.1

    The Interface Module contains circuitry to tap into six wired zones on almost any traditional wired alarm system panel to monitor their states using Konnected and any one of Konnected's smart home platforms.

    New in v2.1: The Interface Module also features a built-in dry contact relay which can be controlled by Konnected to trigger a keyswitch for remote arming/disarming or many other uses.

    1. Reference GND: Connect this to AUX- (sometimes labeled 0V or COM) on the traditional security panel.
    2. Voltage reference VREF. Connect this to AUX+ (sometimes labeled 12V+) on the traditional security panel.
    3. Zones 1 - 6. Connect to zones or outputs on traditional panel.
    4. RELAY. Built-in dry contact relay for triggering a keyswitch zone, door strike, or other low-voltage circuit.
    5. 3V trigger for the relay. Connect to OUT on the Konnected panel.
    6. Mounting holes (M3 size).
    7. Relay setting. Move the jumper to set the relay to NO or NC.
    8. Tunable potentiometers w/ amber Zone indicator LED. Illuminated when zone is closed.
    9. Connection port. Use ribbon cable (included) to connect to Alarm Panel board.

    The Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module requires a Konnected Alarm Panel v2, Konnected Alarm Panel Add-on v2, or Konnected Alarm Panel Pro.


    Interface Module dimensions diagram - PRINTABLE PDF