SmartThings Home Monitor

SmartThings Home Monitor is a home security and monitoring application that’s built into the SmartThings mobile app. It uses a variety of SmartThings compatible sensors to monitor your home for security in Armed (Away) and Armed (Stay) modes, similar to traditional alarm systems. SmartThings Home Monitor can also monitor for water leaks and smoke/fire/CO alarms when used with compatible sensors.

Konnected adds wired door & window sensors, motion sensors, and some leak, smoke, and CO detectors to SmartThings. Konnected also adds wired sirens, strobe lights, and/or beepers that SmartThings can trigger in the event of an alarm. Once you’ve added your wired sensors and siren into SmartThings, you can use the features SmartThings Home Monitor to protect your home, receive notifications, and trigger automations if something unexpected happens.

Setting Up SmartThings Home Monitor

Before you begin, add and name all of your zones/sensors in the Konnected app [linked]. If you’re adding a siren or strobe output, also add it as a zone.

  • Start by going to the Life section in the SmartThings app and find Home Monitor
  • Tap tap the settings icon, then tap Security to start the setup of the Home Monitor 
  • Now, select the sensors you want to use for Armed Away mode. Konncted sensors will show up under open/closed sensors and motion sensors. You can select to use all sensors of each type, or select individual sensors to enable in Armed Away mode.
  • Next, set up Armed Stay mode. Typically in this mode you would include all perimeter doors, but not include motion sensors. 
  • Select the responses you want to enable if there’s an intrusion detected. If you’ve added a siren zone to the Konnected Alarm Panel, you must enable it here under Sound sirens. 
  • You can also set up a siren delay or response delay on entry (See Note below)
  • After saving, Home Monitor will display on your Favorites page in the Smartthings app

Entry/exit delay

SmartThings does not support a traditional entry/exit delay. You can set up a siren delay or response delay only. This will still alert you but allow time to disable the siren from sounding. There is no exit delay. But you can enable Home Monitor via your app after exit. Or you can create a simple routine to arm (or disarm) via your presence on your phone.