Noonlight Professional Monitoring

Set-up Noonlight via Konnected Cloud

    ⚠️This integration is provided as-is without guarantees or warranties of any kind. Using Noonlight with Konnected Cloud involves multiple service providers and potential points of failure, including (but not limited to) your home WiFi, your internet service provider, 3rd party cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, and services operated by Konnected and Noonlight. You must read and understand the Noonlight terms of use and the Konnected terms of use, both of which include important limitations of liability and use.

    ❗The Konnected Alarm Panel does not meet UL or NFPA standards for connection to Fire and Life Safety equipment. Smoke detectors directly connected to the Konnected Alarm Panel cannot be used to meet minimum building or fire codes in many areas.

    Noonlight has certified agents in the U.S. standing by 24/7 ready to send help in the event that your smart home triggers an alarm. Noonlight can request assistance from police and fire departments on your behalf in all 50 U.S. states. Using the Noonlight integration with Konnected Cloud, you can initiate police and fire alarms from your Konnected Alarm Panel device.

    Set-up Noonlight with Konnected Cloud

    1. Register your device with Konnected Cloud if you haven't already.

    2. You must have at least one siren, smoke, or carbon monoxide sensor set up in Konnected cloud to use the Noonlight integration.

    3. You must be located in the United States.

    4. Open the Konnected app, sign in to Konnected Cloud, and select Noonlight from the app menu.

    5. Follow the steps in the app to connect Noonlight, verify your phone number, enter your property address, and enable a siren follower or smoke/CO trigger.

    Siren Follower

    When enabled, the siren follower will tell Noonlight to trigger a police response any time your Konnected siren is triggered.

    To automatically activate Noonlight in case of an intrusion detection with SmartThings, set up SmartThings Home Monitor to activate the Konnected siren as a security response. Then, enable the siren follower feature in Konnected cloud. 

    Smoke/CO Trigger

    When enabled, the smoke & carbon monoxide trigger will tell Noonlight to activate a fire department response any time a Smoke or CO device connected to Konnected is triggered.

    This can be used simultaneously with SmartThings Home Monitor, or completely standalone without SmartThings at all!

    Noonlight App

    Your subscription to Noonlight's smart home emergency response service also includes access to the Noonlight app, America's #1 Safety app. The Noonlight app can also be used to add household members to your account and manage your profile and PIN.