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Re-sync Device Settings

    If you've recently reset or re-flashed your Konnected device, you will need to re-sync the settings to the device so it can resume communication with your home automation hub. This is a provisioning step that re-connects the device to your home automation hub or app.

    Before you begin, make sure your Konnected device is plugged in and connected to WiFi or Ethernet. 

    SmartThings/Alexa/Konnected Cloud

    1. Open the Konnected Mobile app,
    2. Tap the Konnected device name.
    3. Tap Manage Zones
    4. Tap on Sync to Device. If the button is greyed out, tap refresh security credentials first.

    Home Assistant

    1. In Home Assistant, go to Settings > Devices & Services.
    2. Find the Konnected.io tile and click on the device name.
    3. Click the three-dots icon.
    4. Click Reload.


    1. In the Hubitat dashboard go to Apps and click on the name of the Konnected device to re-sync.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Click Done on the Zone configuration screen to re-provision the device with these settings.