Legacy: Wiring Info

Providing power to Konnected

There are three ways to provide power to your Konnected boards. 

Power Adapter

Included in all Konnected Alarm Kits is a 12Vdc power adapter. The adapter can power up to 4 Konnected boards and the powered sensors connected to them. 

Re-use the old Transformer wiring

Sometimes the power plug is far from the panel. However, the panel is being powered from a AC transformer in another location of the house. In this case we can re-use that wiring. DO NOT directly plug in the AC transformer to the Konnected board. It will damage the board. Find the transformer. Unplug it. Remove the wires from the back. Use a DC terminal screw adapter (female) on the wiring at the plug. On the panel side, remove the wiring from the legacy panel. Use a DC terminal screw adapter (male) or DC power pigtail to plug in the Konnected board.

AUX of Legacy Board

In some cases you may want to leave the legacy system in place and use power from it to power Konnected. You can use a DC power pigtail from the AUX to power Konnected. DO NOT connect it to the AC or PWR terminals. This is will damage the board. Connect the pigtail to the AUX +/-. Be aware that outputs from the AUX in some boards is limited and may not be sufficient to power Konnected.  

Note on Powering Tablets through Konnected

If you choose to use a tablet as a control panel, we recommend you power no more then 1 through Konnected. For 2 or more you need to use a separate power supply. You can adapt the old keypad wiring using DC terminal screw adapter