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Platform Setup - GDO blaQ

Connect your GDO blaQ to your smart home platform of choice by following the steps below.

Cloud Setup                                                                                                                   4

Integration with SmartThings and Alexa is provided by the free Konnected Cloud service. Use the Konnected app to sign up for Konnected Cloud. 

Get the App

appConfigure the Device

Congifure the device - st - img 1



Tap Settings to configure your device for Konnected Cloud.

Then follow the steps in the app to update the device firmware




Connect Konnected Service


In the SmartThings app, tap the + icon and Add device > Partner device > By brand > Konnected

Follow the steps to link your Konnected Cloud account to SmartThings





aa setup

Install the Konnected skill for Alexa from the Alexa Skills store. 

Follow the steps to link your Konnected Cloud account to Alexa. 




Local Setup                                                                                                               4.1 


HA - Local Setup - Image 1


After connecting your GDO to Wi-Fi, Home Assistant should discover it automatically. 

Open Home Assistant (mobile app or web interface) and look for New devices discovered in the Notifications pane. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 2


The GDO uses the built-in ESPHome integration. If it's not automatically discovered, go to Settings > Devices & Services > Add Integration > ESPHome to add it manually by IP address. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 3



Now you can find the device named Garage Door Opener in Settings > Devices & Services > Devices. 

The main control is the Garage Door entity. Tap Add To Dashboard for easy access. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 4


There are two ways to customize the settings of your new GDO.

Use the Konnected App to customize and update your GDO firmware using our service that builds ESPHome configs for you!

Or, install the ESPHome Dashboard Add-on for Home Assistant and adopt your device. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 5 - QR for ESP config tipsCheck our support site for ESPHome config tips.


HA - Local Setup - Image 5 - QR for open source firmware

Local Setup                                                                                                               4.2


Install the driver for the Konnected GDOv2-S using Hubitat Package Manager

Or download and import the file from our open-source drivers on GitHub:

Next, in Hubitat go to Devices > Add a device. Then choose Virtual.

hubitat 1

Fill in a Device Name. The Device Network ID should be auto-populated for you. Select Konnected Garage Door GDOv2-Q from the Type drop-down. It will appear at the bottom of the drop-down under the User heading. 

hubitat 2

Find the IP address of the device on your local network. You can find this in the Konnected app, or by looking in your router's app for a device named garage-door-XXXXX or konnected-XXXXXX. Enter the IP address in the device's Preferences section and Save Preferences. 

hubitat 3

After saving the IP Address, Hubitat will connect to your device and automatically populate states! Your Garage Door Opener is now ready to install and use.