Noonlight Professional Monitoring

Noonlight Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when Noonlight receives an alarm from my smart home?

A certified Noonlight dispatcher will text and call you immediately. If you’re unable to respond, or if you can confirm your emergency, they will send the appropriate first responders to your home.

What if it's a false alarm?

Just tell the dispatcher your 4-digit pin when contacted and let them know you're safe.  It's no problem at all and there is no penalty for false alarms. Remember, if you're unable to respond, Noonlight will still send help.

Does using Noonlight qualify me for a discount on my home insurance?

Depending on your insurance company's policies, maybe! To request a certificate to be used for insurance purposes, go to and chat with Noonlight's customer support team using the chat widget on the page. Noonlight will need to verify your active subscription and home address before issuing a certificate.

Can I cancel the alarm from SmartThings?

No, once the Noonlight alarm is activated, you must communicate with the dispatcher to cancel it. The switch can only be turned on from SmartThings.

Do I need to use Konnected to use Noonlight?

No! You can use any SmartThings compatible devices with Noonlight and it's available for all SmartThings users in the United States.

Do I need to download the Noonlight app?

No, you do not need to download the Noonlight app to use Noonlight monitoring for SmartThings. The Noonlight app is for personal safety when you're out and feel unsafe, and can also be used with your Noonlight subscription if you want to.

Can I trigger a test alarm?

Yes, just make sure you answer when contacted by a Noonlight dispatcher. Tell the dispatcher that you are just testing and provide your PIN to cancel the alarm.

What information does Noonlight collect?

When you first connect Noonlight, you will be asked to create an account with your phone number, name, email address and payment information. When an alarm is triggered, Noonlight will receive your home's location and state data from any of the devices that you authorized during setup.

What information does Konnected collect?

Konnected is responsible for the software integration that connects Noonlight and SmartThings and allows SmartThings to authenticate with Noonlight's API. Konnected does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your smart home devices. Konnected only maintains a mapping of anonymous metadata to facilitate connecting these two accounts.