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My Siren is not sounding!

Troubleshooting: Why Your Siren Isn't Working with SmartThings.

You have SmartThings all set up, and your Siren is wired correctly according to these instructions, yet when your alarm is activated, your siren stays quiet. This is a common question, so we can help you get your Siren working again below.

Alarm Siren 5" 115 dB 12 VDC

A mismatch between your SmartThings account region and the Konnected cloud account region causes this problem. These need to be in the same region for commands from SmartThings to reach your Konnected device.

You can check your SmartThings region by going to You can change your Konnected account region by going to the Konnected Cloud section in the Konnected app. After changing your Konnected Cloud region, you must re-sync the settings to your device by going back to the assigned zones screen and tapping sync device. Once that is completed, your Siren should now work. If not, contact Konnected Support here.