MQTT Client: Configuring Konnected as a MQTT client in ESPHome

Konnected devices can talk to a multitude of systems over the standardized MQTT protocol

    MQTT Configuration using ESPHome

    Konnected hardware can integrate with any platform that speaks MQTT by leveraging the ESPHome firmware. With Konnected + ESPHome you can combine Konnected's high-quality hardware with the power and flexibility of local and secure MQTT communication.

    MQTT enables powerful integration with services like Node-RED, Homeseer, Domoticz and more.

    See the ESPHome MQTT documentation for complete details. A simple MQTT connection only requires a broker address (and probably username/password).

    discovery: False # remove if using MQTT with Home Assistant
    username: mqtt_username
    password: !secret mqtt_password

    State Topics

    By default, ESPHome will publish ON or OFF state payloads to an MQTT topic following this pattern: APP_NAME/COMPONENT_TYPE/COMPONENT_NAME/state

    Example state topic:  my_konnected/binary_sensor/zone_1/state

    Command Topics

    Switch zone types will respond to ON or OFF payloads published to a topic following this pattern: APP_NAME/COMPONENT_TYPE/COMPONENT_NAME/command

    Example command topic:  my_konnected/switch/siren/command