Konnected Alarm Panel Pro: Local Control and Automations with ESPHome

This article explores the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro and its capabilities with ESPHome firmware to locally control the Alarm.

Benefits of Local Alarm Control with ESPHome:

  • Enhanced Security: Logic resides on the device, minimizing reliance on external systems that might be compromised. Read about the built-in alarm component here.
  • Improved Reliability: Local processing ensures automations functions even during Internet outages. For example, if the Internet goes down for whatever reason, you can still arm, and disarm the alarm without Internet access.
  • Faster Response Times: Local control eliminates latency associated with communication with external hubs.

Examples of Local Alarm Control with ESPHome:

    • Simple Keypad Integration: Connect a standard key switch to trigger arming or disarming actions.
    • Advanced Keypad Integration: Integrate a local keypad using either the Wiegand component or dry contacts for secure control.

Konnected App and Future of Local Alarm Control:

While ESPHome offers powerful customization, its configuration process might seem complex for beginners. Konnected is actively working to address this by:

  • Building a User Interface (UI): A user-friendly interface within the Konnected app to simplify ESPHome configuration for Konnected devices.
  • Build Service: An automated service that generates ESPHome configuration code and compiles firmware based on your selections within the app.

These features empower users with various technical backgrounds to leverage the advantages of local alarm control with ESPHome.

Getting Started with Local Alarm Control:

As of March 2024, this functionality is currently under development, with an initial release available through the Konnected app. Konnected is continually working to expand out-of-the-box support for local alarm features within its products.

For technically inclined users, ESPHome configuration remains an option for immediate access to local control functionalities.