LED Indicator Light Colors and Meanings

Konnected products feature LED indicator lights that provide visual feedback on the status of your device. These lights can indicate normal operation or help diagnose issues during troubleshooting.

Green Power Indicator LED

The green LED indicates power. It's always on when the device is powered on and can't be disabled. All Konnected products have a green LED indicating power.

  • Solid: The device is powered on.
  • Blinking: You likely have a short circuit on the power supply, or your power supply is failing. Check all of the 12V connected devices to make sure that the polarity is not crossed.
  • Off: Your device does not have power. Check the power supply and backup battery (if applicable). In some cases, damage to the device can cause a power regulator failure.

Blue Status LED

The blue LED on your Konnected device provides status information about the network connectivity and communication status. All Konnected products have a blue LED indicating status.

  • Off: The device is connected to the network and operating normally.
  • Quick blink: The blue LED blinks once quickly to indicate a successful state update or state command from the smart home platform/hub. 
  • Blinking Slowly: Not connected. The blue LED blinks slowly and steadily when NOT fully connected to the network. This can mean that WiFi is not available or not connected. It could also mean that WiFi is connected, but your router has not assigned an IP address to the device. On ESPHome-powered devices only, it can also mean that the the smart home hub client (Home Assistant or Hubitat) is not connected.
  • Blinking at Power On: When you first Power on the device, the blue LED will blink a few times and then turn off, signaling a successful WiFi connection.
  • Blinking Rapidly: (Alarm Panel Pro only) received factory reset command.
  • Solid: Uh oh, we have a problem. The microcontroller on the device is not booting or is damaged.

Red Alarm LED

(Alarm Panel & Alarm Panel Pro only). The red alarm LED is an indicator of the ALARM output(s). The Alarm Panel Pro has two ALARM outputs and two red LEDs.

  • Solid: When the ALARM LED is on, it indicates that the 12V ALARM circuit is active, meaning the siren output is activated.
  • Off: The ALARM output is not active.

Konnected Alarm Panel's ALARM outputs are switched negative, meaning that the 12V+ is always on and the ALARM terminal(s) are connected to ground when activated.

Red Strobe LED

(Garage Door Opener only). On the Garage Door Opener, the red LED indicates that the Strobe (STR +/-) output is activated.

  • Solid: When the red LED is on, it indicates that the 12V STR circuit is active, meaning the strobe output is activated.
  • Off: The strobe output is not active.

Garage Door Opener Visual Warning (White LED)

(Garage Door Opener only). The bright white blinking LED on the Garage Door Opener serves as a visual warning indicating that the garage door is about to close.