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Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener - blaQ - Installation and Setup Guide

The Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener blaQ: Smart monitoring and control for Security+ 1.0 and 2.0 garage door openers.



This article is designed to guide you through adding smart monitoring and control to your Security+ 1.0 or 2.0 garage door opener with the Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener blaQ. With clear, step-by-step instructions, we'll guide you through mounting, wiring, connection, and integration with your preferred supported smart home platform. 

GDO blaQ feature image

Product Information                                                                                                     1

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple Installation: Retrofit your existing garage door opener with an easy installation process.
  • No Special Codes Required: Streamline setup without the need for complex programming.
  • Seamless Integration: Works with existing garage door openers based on Security+ 1.0 and 2.0 technology and smart home platforms without needing additional equipment.
  • Smart Features: Gain remote access, receive real-time alerts, and set automations for your garage door.
  • Expandable Solution: Got multiple garage doors? No problem! Multiple Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener blaQs can be used together seamlessly. 
  • Universal Access: Allow every household member to control and monitor the garage door through a smart platform.

Important Information

  • Compatibility Check: Verify the compatibility of your garage door opener with the Smart Garage Door Opener blaQ before installation.

blaQ compatibility chart

What’s in the Box?

Your Smart Garage Door Opener White (v2) package includes:
  • Smart Garage Door Opener blaQ
  • Power Adapter
  • Hook-Up Wire
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Wall Sticker

Table of Contents                                                                                                        2

Setup Overview

The following steps provide an overview of the steps involved in the setup of your Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener blaQ:

  • Initial Setup
    • Connect to Wi-Fi
    • Find and Install the Konnected App
  • Platform Setup
    • Cloud Setup (for SmartThings and Alexa)
    • Home Assistant (Local Setup)
    • Hubitat (Local Setup)
  • Physical Setup
    • Check Wi-Fi Signal in Garage
    • Choose a Mounting Location
    • Connect Additional Input and Pass-thru wiring (optional)
    • Power it up
    • Test Opening and Closing

Initial Setup                                                                                                                  3

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect your new GDO to Wi-Fi before installing it in the garage. Power on the device by plugging in the included power adapter. Using a smartphone or computer, connect to the Wi-Fi network:



if the Wi-Fi connection page doesn't open automatically, then open your browser and go to:


Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password:

wifi select pic

Find it Online

Download and install the Konnected app to easily discover and set up your GDO. 


NOTEYou can also go to the device's IP address directly (without needing the Konnected app) by finding it in your router's app.

Go to Add New Device from the app menu to search for the device on your network. 

add new device blaQ

Platform Setup                                                                                                             4

Cloud Setup

Integration with SmartThings and Alexa is provided by the free Konnected Cloud service. Use the Konnected app to sign up for Konnected Cloud. 

Get the App

appConfigure the Device

Congifure the device - st - img 1



Tap Settings to configure your device for Konnected Cloud.

Then follow the steps in the app to update the device firmware




Connect Konnected Service


In the SmartThings app, tap the + icon and Add device > Partner device > By brand > Konnected

Follow the steps to link your Konnected Cloud account to SmartThings





aa setup

Install the Konnected skill for Alexa from the Alexa Skills store. 

Follow the steps to link your Konnected Cloud account to Alexa. 




Local Setup                                                                                                               4.1 


HA - Local Setup - Image 1


After connecting your GDO to Wi-Fi, Home Assistant should discover it automatically. 

Open Home Assistant (mobile app or web interface) and look for New devices discovered in the Notifications pane. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 2


The GDO uses the built-in ESPHome integration. If it's not automatically discovered, go to Settings > Devices & Services > Add Integration > ESPHome to add it manually by IP address. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 3



Now you can find the device named Garage Door Opener in Settings > Devices & Services > Devices. 

The main control is the Garage Door entity. Tap Add To Dashboard for easy access. 




HA - Local Setup - Image 4


There are two ways to customize the settings of your new GDO.

Use the Konnected App to customize and update your GDO firmware using our service that builds ESPHome configs for you!

Or, install the ESPHome Dashboard Add-on for Home Assistant and adopt your device. 








HA - Local Setup - Image 5 - QR for ESP config tipsCheck our support site for ESPHome config tips.


HA - Local Setup - Image 5 - QR for open source firmware

Local Setup                                                                                                               4.2


Install the driver for the Konnected GDOv2-S using Hubitat Package Manager

Or download and import the file from our open-source drivers on GitHub:

Next, in Hubitat go to Devices > Add a device. Then choose Virtual.

hubitat 1

Fill in a Device Name. The Device Network ID should be auto-populated for you. Select Konnected Garage Door GDOv2-Q from the Type drop-down. It will appear at the bottom of the drop-down under the User heading. 

hubitat 2

Find the IP address of the device on your local network. You can find this in the Konnected app, or by looking in your router's app for a device named garage-door-XXXXX or konnected-XXXXXX. Enter the IP address in the device's Preferences section and Save Preferences. 

hubitat 3

After saving the IP Address, Hubitat will connect to your device and automatically populate states! Your Garage Door Opener is now ready to install and use. 

 Get to know your GDO                                                                                               5

get to know your GDO - blaQ - image 1

specs chart - blaQSecurity+, Security+ 2.0, Chamberlain, myQ and LiftMaster are
registered trademarks of The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

CRAFTSMAN is a registered trademark of Stanley Black & Decker,

mounting template - blaQ - bottom of physical install

Physical Setup                                                                                                             6

Check Wi-Fi Signal in Garage

Move the device into the garage and plug it in. 

check wifi
Tap Open Web Page to see the internal web interface of the Konnected GDO. Scroll down to Wi-Fi Signal % to see the signal strength. 

Ensure that the signal strength is at least 50% for best results. 

signal strength

Mounting Option 1: Near the garage door motor

The GDO blaQ can be mounted on the ceiling, on the garage opener support beams, or on the garage opener itself and wired to the garage opener motor unit. Or, mount it on the wall and wire it to the wall button. Choose a location that has a nearby power outlet to plug
it in, and mount it in an orientation so that the warning light is visible in the garage.

mounting opt 1 blaQ
The simplest installation requires connecting only one pair of red and white wires. Leave all existing wires in place and insert one end of the red and white wire into red and white terminals on back of the garage opener motor. Insert the other ends into the red and white
terminals labeled TO GDO on the Konnected device. Secure the wire out of the way of the path of the moving garage door and mount the device using the included mounting screws or command strips. 

Mounting Option 2: Near the wall button

mounting opt 2 blaQ

Optional: Additional Input

Either of he gray terminals may be used for an additional dry-contact input, such as a contact sensor or motion sensor. To connect a contact sensor, use the gray and
white terminals. For a motion sensor, additionally connect to AUX +/- for power. 

Optional: Pass-thru Wiring

If it’s too difficult to fit the additional wires for the GDO blaQ into the terminals with the existing button wires, the device is equipped with a pass-thru feature to make wiring cleaner.

pass-thru wiring
First, remove the wall button wires from the red and white terminals on the back of the motor unit and reconnect them to the red and white terminals labled WALL BTN on the Konnected device.

Then, connect the new red and white wire in their place, and connect the other ends to the red and white terminals labeled TO GDO. Leave the existing wires for the obstruction sensor beam in place.

Power It Up!

Plug in the Konnected GDO and the garage door opener unit. 

plug in


Test Opening and Closing

Use your smart home app or the device’s internal web page to test the open and close functions and check that the door status is read correctly. Open and close the door completely without stopping after setup. This is so the device can time how long it takes to open and close the door completely. 


An audible & visual warning will activate for 5 seconds before the Konnected device triggers the garage door to close. This is a required safety feature and cannot be disabled.