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My Device is Rebooting Often (Uptime is low)

It's normal for Konnected devices to reboot occasionally

In case of a network connectivity issue or outage, Konnected devices will automatically reboot as a failsafe measure. The system is designed to restart quickly and replay the status of each sensor to ensure that nothing is missed.

Devices running ESPHome firmware will also reboot if not connected to an API client (i.e. Home Assistant) for a period of time (see: reboot_timeout).

Occasional reboots are perfectly normal. You may notice that the Konnected device reboots by observing the uptime metric resetting back to 0. Uptime is measured as the number of seconds since the last boot.

October 2023 - A memory leak related to Ethernet connectivity on the Alarm Panel Pro was recently identified, which caused more frequent reboots. This issue has been resolved with an upgrade to the underlying firmware provided by the chipmaker, which is now available in firmware version 1.3.4. This upgrade should help reduce the frequency of such reboots.

To update your Alarm Panel Pro to the latest firmware, use the Konnected app to update automatically over-the-air or follow this guide to re-flash your device manually.

If you're noticing very frequent reboots (uptime is less than a couple minutes), there may be a configuration or network issue that's causing your device to be stuck in a reboot/failsafe loop. The best way to resolve this issue is to factory reset the device settings and then re-sync from your smart home platform or Konnected app.