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I've Wired My Siren But I Can't Get It to Sound. What's Wrong?

If your Konnected siren isn't sounding, it might be due to incorrect setup in the Konnected app. This guide will help you correctly assign your siren in the app, ensuring it activates through SmartThings Home Monitor.

NOTE: This guide is for resolving this potential issue in SmartThings and Alexa only. 

  1. Open the Konnected App: Ensure your mobile device is connected to the same network as the Konnected device.

  2. Access Zone Setup: In the app, tap the plus icon to begin adding zones.

  3. Select the Siren Zone: Choose the appropriate zone number for your siren. (You may need to scroll down on your app)

  4. Assign Zone Type: Select 'Siren' as the zone type. This will ensure it appears in SmartThings as a Siren/Alarm.

  5. Name Your Siren: Give your siren a specific name for easy identification in the SmartThings Devices list.

  6. Sync to Device: Tap 'Sync to Device' to save the configuration to your Konnected device. The device will reboot and apply these settings.

  7. Test Your Siren: After the reboot, manually turn the siren on/off in SmartThings to test the siren to ensure it's functioning correctly. (the red light on your Konnected board should turn on)

    (It may take a few minutes for the siren to show up in SmartThings. You can force the device update by going to Menu - Gear - Linked Services - Konnected)

  8. Set it up in Home Monitor: Before you begin, add and name all of your zones/sensors in the Konnected app [linked]. If you’re adding a siren or strobe output, also add it as a zone.

    • Start by going to the Life section in the SmartThings app and find Home Monitor
    • Tap tap the settings icon, then tap Security to start the setup of the Home Monitor 
    • Now, select the sensors you want to use for Armed Away mode. Konncted sensors will show up under open/closed sensors and motion sensors. You can select to use all sensors of each type, or select individual sensors to enable in Armed Away mode.
    • Next, set up Armed Stay mode. Typically in this mode you would include all perimeter doors, but not include motion sensors. 
    • Select the responses you want to enable if there’s an intrusion detected. If you’ve added a siren zone to the Konnected Alarm Panel, you must enable it here under Sound sirens. 
    • You can also set up a siren delay or response delay on entry. (see how in the full SmartThings Home Monitor article)
    • After saving, Home Monitor will display on your Favorites page in the Smartthings app.