Standards & Certifications

Is Konnected UL Listed?

    The short answer is no. Konnected Alarm Panel products are not UL Listed.

    UL is U.S. based safety and certification company that publishes a number of technical standards for a wide variety of product and service categories. In the security industry, UL publishes a number of technical standards for the operation and installation of burglar and fire alarm systems.

     Konnected does not meet any of the following common UL Standards.

    • UL 1023 - Standard for Household Burglar-Alarm System Units
    • UL 985 - Standard for Household Fire Warning System Units
    • UL 681 - Installation & Classification of Burglar and Holdup Alarm Systems

    Konnected products cannot be used when strict compliance with these UL standards is required.

    Konnected is not an Alarm System nor Fire Warning System by UL's definition

    The concept and product goals of the Konnected Alarm Panel product family differs substantially from UL's scope for burglar and fire alarms. The Konnected Alarm Panel enables traditional wired sensors and signaling devices (i.e. siren) to be bridged to a 3rd party home automation platform, which in many ways can emulate the functions of a security system in software. However, Konnected is not a security or alarm system itself because it does not itself handle basic alarm system functions like arming, disarming, signaling and tamper protection.

    The bottom line: Konnected is a consumer grade "Smart Home" automation product, and is not designed to the same standards as professional grade security systems, therefore it cannot be UL Listed.

    Is UL Listing required?

    In most cases, no! 

    UL is a private company, not a government agency, and has no enforcement or law-making ability whatsoever. In some cases, UL listing requirements are adopted in state or local building and fire codes, or national fire standards such as NFPA 72.

    For do-it-yourself (DIY) users who are using Konnected for self-monitoring of security sensors, there's no law or requirement that equipment be UL listed in any jurisdiction (that we know of).

    Not for Use with Fire or Life Safety Devices

    If you plan on connecting certain smoke or CO detectors to the Konnected Alarm Panel, then it's important to ensure that local building and fire codes are still met. Smoke/CO detectors connected directly to Konnected can not be used to meet fire code where listed equipment is required.

    Check local requirements if planning on using Konnected's integration with Noonlight for 24/7 emergency response. In some areas, stricter requirements are imposed on systems that connect to emergency services.

    Konnected Power Adapters are UL Listed

    The power adapters that come with most kits are UL listed for UL 1310 - Standard for Class 2 Power Units.