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Installing a Siren Cut-off Switch

    Imagine for a moment you're out and you get a frantic call from your wife or child. The siren is going off!!! There is no intruder. You turn to your app but your cell coverage is spotty or you find out there is a problem and SmartHome Monitor doesn't seem to be responding for some reason. Let's be honest, when someone is panicking and the alarm is going off nothing seems to be responding fast enough. 

    This is why you might want to consider installing an siren cut-off. 

    What is a siren cut-off?

    It's a simple switch installed between your Konnected board and the siren. It allows you to disable the siren without yanking out wires, pulling power, or causing other harm. 

    Doesn't this make it less secure?

    Possibly. If your alarm box is in a highly trafficked area or you are concerned about someone gaining access to your alarm panel/wiring this might not be the solution for you. Or you may want to use a keyed switch and not a simple toggle switch.

    Install Guide

    1. Purchase a single pole switch - Keyed or Simple Toggle 
    2. Consider where you want to install it. Many alarm boxes come with knockouts (places in a wiring box that can be removed to install wiring) 
    3. You will install the switch on the + wire between your Konnected board and the siren. After you Turn off power, cut and strip the wire.
    4.   Simple connect the wire coming from the Konnected board to one side of the switch.          Attach the wire going to the siren to the other side of the switch.

    5.   Test your switch. Put your switch in the 'ON' position. (It should stay there for the siren        to sound). Turn on the alarm. It should go off. Now flip the switch. The siren should cut        off. It will still show the alarm going off in the SmartThings app. If you flip the switch            the siren will come back on.

    Now the next time the get the panic call just tell them to flip the switch.