Hubitat Help

Hubitat: Install Konnected Drivers

    1. Open your Hubitat dashboard and click on Drivers Code on the menu bar and then click New Driver.
    2. Open the Konnected Hubitat drivers on GitHub in another browser tab.
    3. Click on each driver that you want to install then click the Raw button to view the raw source code.
    4. Highlight the entire file (CTRL-A or ⌘-A) and copy to your clipboard.
    5. Paste the file into the Hubitat driver code editor and click Save.
    6. Repeat these steps for each driver.

    You only need to install the drivers for the type of devices that you will connect to Konnected. For example, if you only have door/window sensors, motion sensors, and a siren; you only need to install konnected-contact-sensor.groovy, konnected-motion-sensor.groovy and konnected-siren-strobe.groovy

    Next Step: Device Discovery