Hardware issues

How Do I Create a Help Log?

Creating a help log with the Konnected Flash Tool is a critical step in troubleshooting Konnected Alarm Panels. Be sure to use a data-supporting Micro-USB cable and carefully follow the tool's prompts to capture detailed console output.

Navigate to https://install.konnected.io/, Konnected's Web-based Flash Tool and Debug Console
  1. Install USB Drivers: For Konnected hardware, download and install USB drivers from Silicon Labs. For NodeMCU/Konnected v1, use this specific driver.

  2. Prepare the Device: For 6-zone boards, ensure Zone 6 is open or empty.

  3. Connect the Device: Connect the device to your computer using a Micro-USB cable that supports data transfer. To determine if your cable supports data, check if it can be used for tasks like syncing or transferring files between devices. Non-data cables typically only charge devices. For more information on how to tell if your Micro-USB cable supports data transfer, visit this site.

  4. Select the Correct Port: After clicking 'CONNECT' on the Konnected Flash Tool, choose the appropriate port in the popup window, which usually has 'CP210x' or 'SLAB_USBtoUART' in its name.

  5. Capture Console Output: Follow the on-screen prompts to view Logs & Console. This option allows you to capture the console output, which is crucial for troubleshooting. The console output will display live logs of the device's operation, which can be saved or recorded for further analysis.

  6. Re-sync Device Settings: Once the log is captured, re-sync the device settings from the Konnected App or your local home automation platform.