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Flashing Konnected Firmware & Software

    Konnected is built on top of the open source NodeMCU firmware which means that you can easily flash your device with the latest firmware and software using open source tools.

    Skip this step!

    When you buy from konnected.io, your device is already pre-loaded with the latest firmware and software. These steps are only necessary if you're upgrading from an earlier version, or using your own compatible hardware.

    Flash using the Konnected Flash Tool from your web browser

    Try our new web-based Flash Tool to quickly and automatically flash your device with the latest Konnected firmware.

    1. Make sure DC or PoE powers your panel. Attempting to flash the firmware using the USB connection will not work.
    2. Download and install the device driver for your operating system and Konnected hardware version. This allows your computer to communicate with the device via a USB connection.
    3. Temporarily remove any wires to zone 6

    4. Go to https://install.konnected.io and follow the steps there to automatically flash your device.

    5. Follow these instructions to re-sync your device settings from your home automation hub.

    Flash using command line tools

    The Konnected Flash Tool is just a wrapper around the Python based esptool. You can flash the Konnected firmware and filesystem directly using esptool

    Python required

    You need to have Python installed on your computer for this.

    1. Install esptool using pip:
      pip3 install esptool
    2. See scripts/flash for usage.