Conversion Kit

Finalize Your Install

Congratulations! You did it!

Your Konnected should be installed and receiving input from your sensors. If you have questions or run into issues along the way please contact us

Now what?

Now that you've got your Konnected system wired up, it's time to connect it to your Smart Home platform of choice. Follow the link for your chosen platform below to get to jump into the integration. 

We recommend SmartThings for those new to home automation and anyone who wants a simple, intuitive platform that does not require any additional hardware.

Integrations: Connecting to SmartThings
Integrations: Connecting to Home Assistant
Integrations: Connecting to Hubitat
Integrations: Connecting to Control4

Tell your friends

We have included a window sticker to let people know you are protected through Konnected. But also tell your friends who are looking for a solution about us!