Alarm Panel Pro

Ethernet & Power-over-Ethernet

Ethernet with PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Connect an ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the Alarm Panel Pro, and plug it in to a PoE+ capable switch or router (802.3at). The Alarm Panel Pro will automatically detect power over ethernet and power on.

1A AUX output maximum when powered via PoE+

The total power consumption of all 12V AUX devices, including siren(s), must not exceed 1A when powered over Ethernet. Device may become unstable and shut down if this limit is exceeded.

Ethernet without PoE

Power the device using the included 12V power adapter. Connect an ethernet cable to the ethernet port, and plug it into your router or network switch. The Alarm Panel Pro automatically obtains an IP address from the router. 

WiFi is disabled when Ethernet is connected

Ethernet is prioritized over Wi-Fi, so whenever Ethernet is connected and a valid IP address is obtained, the WiFi interface will automatically be disabled.

Backup Wi-Fi

Follow the Wi-Fi setup guide to configure the Alarm Panel Pro for a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi will be automatically disabled when ethernet is connected, however if there's a loss of ethernet connectivity for whatever reason, the device will automatically fail-over to Wi-Fi and resume operation.