ESPHome on the Konnected Garage Door Opener

How to install and customize ESPHome on Konnected's Smart Garage Door Opener

Easy method: Using Konnected's pre-built ESPHome firmware

  1. Using Chrome or Edge browser on your desktop or laptop computer, visit
  2. Connect the Konnected Garage Door opener to your computer using a Micro-USB cable. The USB port on the device is located on the side opposite the wire screw terminals.
  3. Select the desired firmware build from the drop-down menu, then click Connect.
  4. Follow the steps to install the ESPHome firmware for the Konnected Garage Door Opener

Advanced method: Build and flash the firmware with ESPHome

If you are already familiar with ESPHome built tools, you can customize and build the firmware yourself.

  1. Copy or clone Konnected's ESPHome firmware configuration from GitHub:
  2. If using ESPHome dashboard, click on + Add Device to create a new device config (but don't install yet). Paste the YAML contents from the file above into your new device configuration.
  3. Customize the firmware configuration based on your needs. The firmware configuration is well commented and documented within the YAML file itself.
  4. Install the ESPHome firmware.


See: ESPHome Customization on the Garage Door Opener