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Does Konnected Support Wireless Products?

Konnected's Future Plans for Wireless Products

Not yet, but this support is actively in development. Initially, we will be supporting 433mhz sensors, and we will expand out from there.

Tip: You can use wireless Zwave or ZigBee sensors that work directly with SmartThings or Home Assistant, for example, and combine those seamlessly with wired sensors via Konnected.

A more detailed answer follows.

Konnected does not directly interact with wireless sensors yet. The Alarm Panel connects to wired sensors directly or via our interface module to wired zones/outputs on a traditional panel. If you want to add a few additional wireless sensors to a partially wired system, you can do that with 3rd-party sensors that work with your hub. For example, Z-Wave and ZigBee sensors pair directly with a SmartThings hub or Home Assistant (with appropriate radio/dongle). They can be included in the smart home alarm system alongside Konnected’s wired sensors. Our product brings all the sensors into the smart home platform so you can mix and match them with sensors from various vendors and brands, and they all work together as a seamless system.

We’re working on an RF receiver module (late 2023) that can pick up some types of wireless sensors. At first, we’re focusing on the 433MHz band (which is only one of 3 common bands). This product would allow you to retrofit some homes with DSC/Interlogix/Ecolink brand sensors or augment installations with generic 433MHz sensors.

And finally, with our Interface kits, it’s possible to connect and control a fully (or partially) wireless system to the traditional alarm panel. A traditional panel with mostly wireless sensors will have wired zones that can be programmed (via the panel) to mirror the wireless zone states. These outputs can be wired to Konnected’s interface module and read into your smart home platform. Konnected can also remotely control the wireless panel (arming/disarming it via a key switch), and you can set up smart home triggers if the traditional panel alarms.