Connecting to Your Network

Connecting via wired Ethernet

If you have a Pro board and want to connect via Ethernet, it's simple! Just plug it in and power it on, and it will connect. If the board is plugged into Ethernet, the WiFi is disabled.

If you want to store WiFi network credentials to be used as a fallback in case Ethernet fails, continue to method #1 below with the Ethernet cable unplugged.

Connecting via WiFi

There are two basic methods to get your Konnected Panels on your WiFi network. (Note: if you have difficulty, method#3 is more in-depth) You will need to do these for each module or Pro board you want on your WiFi network. Do them one at a time. We recommend you do this initial setup before mounting and wiring your system.  

2.4GHz WiFi ONLY

The Konnected device uses 2.4GHz only. And it supports 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.

Method #1: The Konnected Mobile app 

  1. Open the Konnected Mobile app on your Smartphone or Tablet
  2. Tap on the Menu in the upper left - tap on 'Connect a new WiFi device'
  3. Follow the prompts to power on the device - enter your SSID & Password - connect to the board - send the configuration

  4. When the Blue light on the board stops blinking, you are ready to proceed

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each board in your kit

Method #2: The Built-in Setup Page (6 zone panels ONLY)

  1. Power on your boards one at a time by connecting the power supply.
  2. When the Konnected device is powered on, you should see a slow blinking blue LED indicating it's trying to connect to WiFi. Until WiFi is configured, the device will broadcast its WiFi network named konnected_XXXXXX for configuration.

  3. Connect to this WiFi network with your smartphone or computer, then open a web browser to

  4. Select your wireless network from the dropdown menu and enter your WiFi password. After tapping Save, the device will connect to your home WiFi network, and the LED will stop blinking and turn off.

It may look like the screen hangs at Connecting. This does not mean that the connection failed! Once the blue LED stops flashing, you can proceed to the next step.

5.     Press the small REBOOT button on the device, or unplug and re-plug it. The blue LED          will blink for a few seconds and then turn off, indicating that it's connected to WiFi              and ready to be discovered.

6.    Repeat steps 1-5 for each of the boards in your kit.

Method #3 - Forcing a WiFi Connection

6 zone panels Alarm Panel Pro

  1. Power the Konnected WiFi board via USB
  2. Connect to the network it broadcasts with a phone, tablet, or computer.
  3. Open a browser window and enter the following address into your address bar. Substitute your SSID for MYWIFI and your network password for MYPASSWORD.
  4. Hit return. The card should then connect, and the blue light should go out. If it does, you have joined. Power cycle the board and check in your router's device list for the Konnected card (usually listed as Node-xxxxx)

Alarm Panel Pro

To accomplish this, you will need a computer with the Firefox browser and the RESTClient add-on installed.

  1. Start RESTClient
  2. Select Headers - Custom Headers - Type in 'Content-Type' - In the Attribute Value - type 'application/json'
  3. In Method select - PUT / in Http -
  4. In the body - {"ssid": "your-network", "pwd": "your-network-password"} - substitute your SSID and password
  5. Power on the Pro board - join its network with your computer.
  6. After joining - tap Send - 
  7. The blue light should blink and stop. If it does, it should be on your network.