Hardware issues

Connecting a second siren

    In some cases you may have more then one siren you want to install with Konnected. There are a couple ways you can wire it up if you want to use both.

    Use two Main boards

    If you let us know when you order, we can send you two main boards instead of one for your kit. Each board will have an alarm output. And you can configure it within SmartHome Monitor to both sound in an alert. Just contact us at Konnected Support when you order.

    Wire them off the same board

    In some cases you can wire both sirens to the same alarm output. To do this simply verify the polarity of the wires. Put both Negatives in the first screw terminal and both Positives in the second/middle screw terminal.

    However, you need to make sure that both sirens together do not exceed the 1.4A or 15W that the boards are designed for. If they do and you connect them in this manner you run a risk of damaging the boards. If you have questions please contact us before you connect them.

    Wire them through a relay

    You can use a relay to trigger the siren. To do this you need an add-on board, a 5V relay, and an open zone. 

    • To power the relay: You will wire the 5V pin on the board to VCC pin on the relay. You will wire GND pin on board to GND pin on the relay. 
    • To activate the relay: You need to a jumper from the zone you want to use to trigger the relay to the IN on the relay.
    • To power the siren: you need to a wire from the AUX + on the board to the COM (center on the relay) / the Postive wire from the siren will go into the NO side of the relay. / The Neg wire from the siren will go into the AUX- of the board. 
    • Set the zone to a siren and configure SHM to use both sirens for an alert.

    My siren seems different then the type you are describing. Now what?

    Especially non-USA users, may need to contact us if your wiring looks different then the basic ones we have described. It might still be possible to hook up one or both of your sirens. But please contact us at Konnected Support before hooking anything up.